No Sew Face Masks

I have friends and family who do not sew. This video is for you. The facemask is fast, fits well and anyone can make it with a variety of common supplies. I know there are many no-sew face mask tutorials but I have added a couple of things that improve on the end product.

First, since I wear glasses, I am particularly interested in placing a moldable piece in the bridge of the nose to fit the mask tight which keeps my glasses from fogging up. I should add, the tight fit is probably better for other reasons but fogging glasses is a deal-breaker for me.

Next, I had trouble with the elastic over my ears. I always have a pair of earrings in, the elastic was too tight and uncomfortable, and it constantly slipped off. So I added the soft t-shirt elastic tie around the back. Yeah! Very comfortable.

Last, I have grandchildren who may need a mask. The elastic on the ears might not be a great idea for kids but this tie on version is comfortable and so my work better if they need to wear one.

I have been sewing pleated face masks and will continue to make more but in the meantime or for those who don’t want to sew I think this is a great option. I hope you find it helpful.