Piecing a quilt with a BERNINA L890

I am really loving piecing quilt tops with a serger. On my BERNINA L890 I have created a custom stitch so every time I want to piece a quilt I can just select the custom stitch. Awesome! The L890 can save up to 100 stitches. I am using the clear foot #C27 so I have a great view of the fabric as it passes the knife. I am not cutting any fabric as I stitch only the extra threads are coming off of the sides. Of course, this is best for quilt patterns that are not curved or intricate but I love making quilts that are simple but beautiful.

2 thoughts on “Piecing a quilt with a BERNINA L890”

  1. Shelly,
    What is the width of the rolled hem using #63 when finished. It looks wider than mine.
    Mine came out around 1/8 inch. My tablecloth is 60 inches round.

    Thank you,

    1. Margene,
      The BERNINA #63 has a 3mm rolled hem. You can see the final width by looking at the bottom of the foot. The groove on the bottom is the resulting hem width.

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