Learn to Love your BERNINA Stitch Regulator

In this video I take you from the beginning on how to use your BERNINA Stitch Regulator (BSR) with great success. I have helped many people learn to love their BSR and want you to love it also.

3 thoughts on “Learn to Love your BERNINA Stitch Regulator”

  1. I have re-watched this video several times. I am anxious to start Loving My BSR while I use it on small Christmas gift quilts. I am curious of the small blue rectangles I notice under your clear sew top. What are they? I have annoying vibrations in my clear sew top and wonder what I can use. Is this the purpose of those rectangles?

    1. Joan,
      My clear top did not have enough depth to sit level with the top of my table. I just made some “risers” from blue painter’s tape that made the top of the clear table level with the top of the wood table.

      1. Thank you Shelly. I thought that (and almost felt foolish asking). I wanted to see if there was a new “notion”. LOL. Thank you so much.

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