Perfect Stretch strap on a great serger bag.

This is my favorite small bag to carry across my shoulder for my phone, lipstick and credit cards. I have added a strap made from fold over elastic that will never make your neck hurt. I have carried it many hours at a time and never need sorry.

Check for the book and elastic at your local quilt or sewing store. If you can’t find them then use these links that I have provided.

Scrap Busting using a color wheel and Accuquilt Go Cutter

My scrap bin was so full I could not put another scrap in. So time to do the chore I have put off for years. Pull it all out and make a plan of attack. I decided to use my color wheel to help organize and then use my Accuquilt go cutter to cut usable shapes. It ended up being a fun project instead of a chore. I am looking forward to the quilt(s) that come from my newly cut shapes! I hope you enjoy the video and get inspired to dive into your scrap bin.