Quilting on the Wild…..fabric

I have a new Q20 BERNINA sit down longarm and am loving it! Luckily I found all sorts of unfinished quilt tops from the last few years that I can happily practice and learn new skills on. Yesterday I was Quilting in the wild fabric. Great place to learn and not have it show too much. #BERNINAQ20#crosshatching

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  1. Shelly, just watched your YouTube video about threading an 880 with monofilament thread.
    I went to YouTube because I was trying to find out about using monofilament on my 830.
    I THINK I’ve got the upper thread down—after watching your video—but I am very timid about filling my 830 bobbin with monofilament.

    A response on that YouTube video led me to believe I could find a bobbin monofilament filling tutorial for the 830 either on YouTube or your Web site.
    But I could not find anything.

    Do you offer a tutorial for filling 830 bobbins with monofilament thread?

    Any and all help GREATLY appreciated.


    1. Gene,
      The thing you don’t want to happen when threading the bobbin with monofilament is to pull it too tight. In order to minimize that risk slow the speed down to very slow when filling the bobbin. If you had to you could hold the thread in your fingers instead of the tension disk while filling the bobbin.

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