Joining 8 foot long pieces of batting easily.

Here is a great trick to join long/ large pieces of batting to use in quilts. Painters tape to the rescue…..again!

2 thoughts on “Joining 8 foot long pieces of batting easily.”

  1. Shelly, I really enjoy your video. Just finished watching the ones on quilt label. I’m making a label for the Patriot Star Quilt of Valor for a 97 year old. I’m having trouble with all that I need to put on it picking out the font. They are all so dense it seems. could you give me some advice how to decrease the density of stitching count. I have a 830 Bernina and the version 8 software.
    Thanks so much, Sandy (Raeford, NC)

    1. Sandy,
      The smallest fonts in the V8 embroidery are Helvetica Small, Micro Block, Roman-small, and Sm High Tower. All of these can be as small as .2 inches or 4mm. The way to find the size of the embroidery fonts is to open the reference manual, go to the Appendices, select embroidery fonts, then small fonts. The list will come up. All of the built-in fonts will show the minimum and maximum suggested size in this appendix.

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