Garage Sewing Studio part 2

Sewing in Garage part 2. My Sewing studio, sewing room, sewing space in the garage of my house.

I have uncovered everything in my garage studio and am ready to stitch. Come take a look at my functional, instead of a beautiful, space. I am blessed to have the square footage of a garage off the main house that can be used for my stitching. I love seeing where others sew and decided to share my space with you. Be sure to subscribe! Shelly Fitzgerald

Color Photostitch in BERNINA V8.2 software

Hi guys! With all of us needing a distraction from the real world, I decided now would be the time to continue helping you learn to use your BERNINA V8.2 software. Here is a video using the Color Photostich tool in the auto digitize toolbox. Even if you might not use this tool for an actual stitch out, you will become more familiar with how to move around in the software just by watching and then trying it yourself. I hope you enjoy it!