Garage Sewing Studio

I sew in my garage and just love it. I feel very blessed that my husband does not mind at all. Granted his truck is too large for the garage anyway……but I will give credit where credit is due. We walk through this area to come and go and so I get to see everyone all of the time rather than being in a space that is not in the public eye.

Because this is the main come and go path for the house, I really try to keep organized. I have not done anything to the garage except unplugging the openers so the doors don’t accidentally go up. After making this video I realize I really need to call an electrician and get some of the power dealt with so that will be accomplished soon.

I have two videos. One is what my space looks like when I am out of town, which is often. I travel and present events for BERNINA all over the United States and love meeting so many stitchers. The other is what my space looks like when I first uncover everything and begin to stitch. I should do a third video showing what a mess it can become when in the middle of a creative hurricane. That being said, I really do try to stay somewhat organized because like I said at the first, everyone walks through this space daily.

I enjoy seeing where people sew and create and so I decided to share my space with you. My main point being, it does not have to be beautiful, just functional.