Scrap Busting using a color wheel and Accuquilt Go Cutter

My scrap bin was so full I could not put another scrap in. So time to do the chore I have put off for years. Pull it all out and make a plan of attack. I decided to use my color wheel to help organize and then use my Accuquilt go cutter to cut usable shapes. It ended up being a fun project instead of a chore. I am looking forward to the quilt(s) that come from my newly cut shapes! I hope you enjoy the video and get inspired to dive into your scrap bin.

In this last of 4 videos, I take all of the elements and actually create the labels using the BERNINA V8 software. Lettering, Break apart, color re-sequence, and many more tools are used. Thanks for watching!

Digitize a label from a photo of fabric

Here is a new video where I digitize an embroidery design from a photo of fabric and make a label to use on a backpack. I show you how to use the knife tool, outline tool, closed object, ellipse tool, rectangle tool, remove overlaps, outline tool, color film, sequence by number and much more! This is the first of two videos.